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  • Eric Dominguez

5S, Lean Management- Safety; the 6th "S"

When we strive for process improvements using updated management process tools like 5S we can get certain organizational loss in very important areas. 5S teaches the importance of: Sorting, Setting in Order, Standarization, Shine and Sustain.

In more cases than we would like to believe, organizations often times get to the 4th S - 'Shine' and then without systemic processes in place to audit, maintain and improve, they never get into 'Sustaining'. Developing ongoing checks and auditing the status of all levels of 5S is critical to its success.

Much like 5S, Safety also needs the clear thinking, planning and follow through. I like that now a days organizational development professionals and those delivering 5S also tout the benefits and the natural partnership of 'Safety' to 5S.

This is just a short reminder to strive to audit, improve and maintain all your safety programs. Good Luck!

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