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Accident Prevention

Several puzzle pieces to help reduce accidents: 


  • Employee awareness to the hazards (training)

  • Emphasis on reporting incidents

  • Proper training on conducting an accident investigation

  • Creating a culture of creating detailed accident reporting

  • Fostering the goal of 'root cause' discovery

  • Reporting not only injuries but 'near hits' and 'hazard concerns' 

  • Develop processes that involve self inspections of the work areas by workers that work in the area.

  • Document findings and track solutions


Business in the 21st century need to measure and address activities that are on the "leading edge".

Attention to "Leading Indicators" drives change in safety culture.

Start focusing on employee inclusion programs such as 'Near hits', 

internal self inspections, improved safety awareness.


SCi Safety A Reno Safety Consultant

Accident prevention ; Grinding wheel gap hazard.
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