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Safety Tools & Resources

April 2022

SCi Safety kicks off Talentlms online trainings.  This month we added a new feature, online training.  Our first course offering is Hazardous Communications.  This topic is a Win-Win for businesses.  First, this topic is a number one favorite for OSHA to tag small business for non-compliance.  Second, this topic teaches your employees about chemical hazards, safety data sheets, the legal requirements needed to know how to find information about chemicals employee work with and how to keep safe.


Anyone can sign up at https// link above- sign up now:  When you or an employee signs up I am emailed to approve the new user.  I will email direct to determine direct payment of use of invoicing.  This first course is @ 45 minutes with a quiz.  The presentation is a video of my powerpoint presentation with my narration of each slide.  The quiz is presented automatically at the end of the video.  Upon passing, the student can select to print a certificate.  All trainings are documented back to SCi Safety for convenient- invoicing to the student or their company.  Companies wanting to have employees pre-approved can contact:  5 people can sign up and we can rotate new users into the course.  New course planned:  PPE, Job Hazards Analysis, Fire prevention/extinguisher science, RCRA- Chemical Waste Handling, Manual Handling, Ladder Safety and more.

Use some of these hyperlinks to learn more about safety.  Help yourself safety tools that will free up time while still getting some of your own safety needs completed.  When you need more help, contact us, SCi Safety for a professional hand at developing your compliance needs. 

I have review a few of these webinars from the web.  Grainger produces a monthly webinar and provides access to various past webinar presentations.  Click it and learn

Commercial Trucks & Public Safety

Here are some great tips and facts provided by Tenge Law Firm out of Denver, CO

click the picture to link article

avoid accidents

Click this button above to see a pdf of a checklist develop by Stanford University for General Safety issues.  Use it or develop your own based on the topics provide in this check sheet.  SCi Safety can develop your site specific tools.  However, if you want to gain some quick knowledge on what to look for.

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