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Bio-hazards & OSHA standards


Specialized business sometimes have huge compliance requirement even if they are a relatively small operation.  In this section we will review some specific OSHA requirements for Dental Offices.  This topic can result in a complete book.  We will attempt to outline some of the major compliance concerns.

Which OSHA standards apply?

Existing OSHA standards a dental office needs to be aware of and completely address are: 


Hazardous Communications - Informing employees of all physical, chemical and environmental hazard concerns.  OSHA's new Global Hazard Communication standard effects the compliance of all dental offices. 


Typical actionable items:


Employer exposure control plans

Health & Safety Procedures

Dealing with sharps

Job safety postings

Blood borne Pathogens

Hazardous Material storage and waste disposal

Sci Safety services
Blood Bourne Pathogens Program

Elements of the BBP Program include:


Written exposure control plan

Training & training records

Hepititis B indoctrination & vaccination offer/declination format

Post exposure evaluation protocol

Exposure incident reporting and evaluation

Exposure risk determination

winter weather sci safety
Control Plan

Components of the plan:


Standard precautions

Engineering controls

Work practice controls

Personal protective equipment


Disinfecting procedures


Workplace administrative controls


Hazard Communications Standard


  • Developing a written Haz Comm program

  • List of chemicals

  • Developing proper chemical labels

  • Employee training requirements

  • Record keeping

  • MSDS /SDS system for all chemicals

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