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  • Eric Dominguez

RENO - SPARKS OSHA inspections

OSHA is actively conducting safety inspections either by referral or complaint. A referral is a source outside the company, a complaint is an internally sourced inspection. Then there are planned inspections by business type.

In these days where companies are laying off employees even more complaints are hitting local businesses.

Here is the website to see OSHA inspections:

Region 9 CA/NV/HI: Feb 13 2013 to Feb 13, 2014- There were 11,695 OSHA Inspections of Business. 5,612 involved violations. Fines ranged from $400 to $12,000. 20 violations were found just from 12/2 - 1/9 in the Reno/Sparks/Carson areas.

Types of business involved:

Medical factilities

Auto Boby


Plumbing, heating

Pallet company

Painting company



Mattress company

Type of violations:


Respiratory protection

General Duty Clause

Written Safety Program (lack of)

Ladder safety

Rights and responsibility form requirement

Fall protection

Hazardous Waste Operations


Wood machinery requirements

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