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SCi Safety kicks off Talentlms online trainings.  This month we added a new feature, online training.  Our first course offering is Hazardous Communications.  This topic is a Win-Win for businesses.  First, this topic is a number one favorite for OSHA to tag small business for non-compliance.  Second, this topic teaches your employees about chemical hazards, safety data sheets, the legal requirements needed to know how to find information about chemicals employee work with and how to keep safe.



Anyone can sign up at https// link above- sign up now:

OSHA generally has one approach on how it looks for compliance to their standards.  This approach in the standards are based on three major components.



1) A written program on the safety issue.

2) A well designed safety training program that teaches employees the heart of the program requirements.

3) Discoverable documention to prove that the program and training has been completed for each employee.


See SCi list of programs that we can develop for your organization on the Services page.


SCi Safety provides face-face classroom type training with program elements provided by a veteran of industrial safety.  Through program development of the topic that is compliant with the OSHA standards for each topic, our trainers provide real world life experiences to tie in real problems and solutions.  SCi- also can provide online safety training via Talentlms.  Sign up or preview from our home page. 


Training topics:


  • Hazardous Communications

  • Forklift, PIT various type  

  • Fire Extinguisher Awareness

  • Job Hazards Analysis

  • Contingency Planning (Emergency Response)

  • First Aid Plan

  • Hazards Recognition(Slip,Trips & Falls)

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Blood born pathogen program (First aiders). 

  • Hearing Protection Program

  • Lead Exposure Control Pla

  • Silica/Dust Exposure Control Program

  • Respirator Use Program-  Respirator Fit Testing

  • Chemical Awareness (based on specific chemical hazards)

  • Chemical Spill Plan

  • Spill Response Plan (hazardous waste)

  • Hazardous Waste Handling (RCRA)

Training issues?


As a side note I published this article in a professional managment magazine.  It has some interesting ideas about developing training and auditing to ensure your business activity is being executed as you intended.


Click it! 

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