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  • Eric Dominguez

Respirator compliance: OSHA 1910.134

North 1/2 face masks

It is important for compliance to know the specifics of this OSHA standard. It is even more important to know these requirments to sustain a respirator usage program that provided protection of your employees. Putting together a written program that outlines all the components needed identifies what your company will do to ensure employees know how to wear their respirators, clean, store and do a proper filter selection. Of course this should also include the required medical pulmonary function testing and fit testing. I have worked years with respirator programs and read the OSHA standard many times and one of the less detailed components is the terms used for identifying who can provide a fit test. The annual fit test is one which can be qualitative or quantitative. The standard only provides to identify that the person provideing the fit test be a 'qualified' competent person. Which simply stated is one that has the experience and knowledge of the protocol for the test which OSHA oulines in the standard. So, it does not have to be a medical professional and there is no required certification process. The person that learns the protocol would be better off to be one that has a competent level of experience either using a respirator or training in respirator usage. Familiarity with various respirator types and knowledge of cartridge filters would also be good for the prospective fit testing to be qualified to learn the fit test protocol. For more informations contact #scisafety or visit our contact page on this website.

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