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  • Eric Dominguez

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response / Haz Waste Handling (RCRA)

Compliance with OSHA 1910.120 and EPA regulations (RCRA-Resources Conservation and Recovery Act) are not simple and easily accomplished without having an experienced and properly trained individual leading the operation.

However, the first hurdle for management is gaining an understanding of the issues and concerns. Businesses and specifically the businesses owners, leadership staff and responsible parties need to know their legal obligations. How does the business operations, inputs and outputs, affect the need to comply with OSHA and/or the EPA?

The essential elements for a business, whether a manufacture or service organization, is to determine if the business uses chemicals in their processes, what type and what level of usage (amounts). Further determination needs to be assessed specific to what wastes are developed and how those wastes are handled (contained, labled, transported & disposed).

As far as handling hazardous wastes a knowledgeable professional knows the RCRA regulations and proper operations to pass local, state and federal inspections. Although there are direct financial affects for non-compliance, there is also a huge liability in the damage of community and public standing for a company that is found in violation of the EPA standards. A lack of knowledge is as damaging as a lack of compliance. Compliance of course comes with its fair share of costs. However that share is a cost of doing business and it sets in place a standard of compliance that boads well for the company's reputation in the community.

Search out waste streams in your business, contact reputable and knowledgeable help in the area and ensure your organization can pass the OSHA/EPA inspections of handling waste and emergency response for hazardous material spill. Learn more at

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