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Safety Training OSHA Basics

What would an OSHA inspector look for as far as my businesses requirement for having safety training for my employees?

Walk into your business with a fresh pair of eyes. Look at your employees daily job requirements and create a draft of the list of work tasks. Next to each task list the feasible or expected hazards.

Once you look at employee tasks and learn the hazards you can get a very good idea of what an OSHA inspector could very likely focus upon.

The basics is to understand that employers have the responsibility to educate employees as to the job hazards. Certain hazards also require specialized safety trainings which provide detailed information about the hazards and any required OSHA compliance regulations. Example: Employee's exposure to health hazard contaminants generally have specific regulatory standards. These standards require employers to have written exposure control programs, train employees on the hazards and any medical surveillance requirements. Finally, employers must be able to prove through documentation that all these components exist: Program, Training, Documentation.

Some recurring safety program requirements for business include:

Hazard Communications- the basic responsibility to identify physical, chemical or exposures hazards. The general program may describe chemical hazards however details of job specific hazards must also be included abd can warrant specific written programs: Lead, Mercury, Silica, Acids, use of power tools, machinery, paint.

Fire Safety Plans- Use of fire extinguisher, evacuation routes and practice fire drills.

Personal Protecive Equipment (PPE)- employers that have selected personal protective equipment for employees must prove that they have trained their employees on the proper use of work place PPE.

See a more complete list of topics on our Safety Training or Safety Program pages.

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