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  • Eric Dominguez

Safety Adds Value

I was conducting some research recently for a web seminar. Part of the topic was about what safety implementations can add of value to an organizations performance. Studies conducted by both safety and business professions have validated safety programs or safety process improvements in improving operational performance.

A survey of 160 employees and 50 managers from 19 different companies found that when both employees and managers agree that safety systems in the company are good and effective, the organizational production, quality and performance improves.

In another study when comparing companies that have active safety programs to those that do not, a list benefits occur for the company with safety programs - a 9.4% decline in injury rates and 26% reduction in injury costs.

Not only are there cost savings benefits but employees have better production, less lost time, less scrap, less rework and the company performs at a higher level of qualty. This in turns affects customer satisfaction in a positive manner and stimulates profit gains.

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